Monday, 17 September 2012


My desires are still flying in the form of dreams
Though I have moved ahead of time
No doubt spellbinding you were; I was dead
And I couldn’t judge it
Beautiful – A heart you had; though I never expressed
Today I regret it

A human propensity to believe the outer
Does not exclude me
Faces we see and compare the beauty
Give a damn to the graceful heart
Can’t call myself an exception
Cause that will rip me apart

Yes, I am different
Different from others
I am a vampire; a lamiae – born to suck blood
Never left an animal; nor an organ
I’ve been in search of the red
Definitely there is some obstacle
Some peddle that hinders my path
I know not what comes in between; something serene
A supernatural; an occult or some black magic
But yes it happens and others have seen

I forget myself – my rudeness; my ugliness
That nefariousness which could have ever been
Regret that am a lamiae – a blood sucker; hirudinean ; a leech
When it comes to your part
Wouldn’t be wrong if for the same
I blame your beautiful heart

The past gave the opportunity
To express my feelings; desires – I never did
If god gives me one more chance
For sure I will take it
No doubt – no circumstance
This time I’ll make it

Had I confessed long time back
This time would have never come           
We would have been together
Flying all over around
To meet the sky - In heavens
Far – Above the ground

I repeat- Had I professed long time back 
This clip would have never come
I have everything on the ground
But I wish to fly
Why do I forget – To make this come true?
All I need is you – the only sky

Evenings were never so beautiful – so charming
Your memories have made it
Blessed is the moment
When I think of you
Can’t say anything else
But my dreams come true

Like a flowing river
My feelings flow
Like a rising sun
My desires grow
Passing to every element of nature
And then to you

See any flower; any bird
You’ll find me
Any plant; any tree
I’ll be
Cause they are the same
They never express
Their presence tells it all
They might suppress

More than they believe in doing
Than the word of mouth
The same follows with me
With every child
It’s not a fable; a parable; an allegory
Of the depressed
But a true story; an epilogue
Of the feelings Unexpressed!!

Monday, 10 September 2012


♥My desires kept flying in the form of dreams
And time has always let me down
In this waking hour
When nobody dares to think
You still lie in my heart
As fresh when I met you the first time

My fire of passion is unbearable
Unbearable like the heat itself
For sure I can’t risk your life
With way of my expression
Solitude is something I love the most
It’s also true it haunts me like a ghost

More than I believe in doing
Than the word of mouth
If I don’t speak; I don’t react
Please don’t think me a saint
My expression; my feelings
For sure will make you faint

At dawn the beautiful scene
The chirping of birds
Keeps me alive
I try to find you among them
But can’t find one
Still I compare their echoes with you
And my job is done

My roughness; my rudeness; my ugliness
Is nothing less than holiness
It will keep burning like an unending flame
In my nerves – the nerves every second playing a game
It’s history; it’s past; it’s the situation or some fear
It’s problems; conditions; or circumstances I can’t bear
I know not what kept me holding back and still does today
I never moved on road not even a day
That holiness you may call of love or hate; still burning
My mind like some magnet losing the focus keeps turning
Only erupts like a Volcano
Like a homeless one of no fixed abode
My fear of the road will do nothing
But one day for sure let this volcano explode♥…………

                                                                               To be Contd♥